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WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 1 21
Mature content
The Bloodiest, Final Battle, Chapter One :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 1 2
The Bloodiest, Final Battle, Prologue
   The Bloodiest, Final Battle, Prologue: The Sprit Cross
   There is a time and a place for everything, as they say. True, time shall take its course no matter the circumstance, but it causes great worry. What will come next? What lies before me? Shall it be good, or evil?
   Now, more than ever, with the invasion of my home, I curse the day I ever let it happen. It silences me; it brings forth my hatred for that man, that accursed, bloody man. He brought me hell, he brought me pain, and he stole someone I once loved with all my heart. The thief of my freedom, the slaveholder of my people, the one who curses my name as dirt: him.
   But, I shall strive for my freedom against that foolish, impudent man. He will one day understand my pain, he shall understand my suffering. He'll be scarred with my blade, and he will never see the world again in the light he had before. I shall curse him, shattering his pride, lowering his will
:icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 2 5
Ask-Ireland-Mochi Thingy...XD by Daisystar12 Ask-Ireland-Mochi Thingy...XD :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 2 8 For ParisOwnsYou by Daisystar12 For ParisOwnsYou :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 1 0
Mature content
Princess of The North, CH1 :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 0 0
We're all MAD around here..... by Daisystar12
Mature content
We're all MAD around here..... :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 2 20
Mature content
Welcome To Wonderland Chapter1 :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 0 3
ZethxSylvia Trade daisyxluigi1 by Daisystar12 ZethxSylvia Trade daisyxluigi1 :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 2 2 Celtica Transformation by Daisystar12 Celtica Transformation :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 1 13
The Celtic Stone, Chapter 16
  The Celtic Stone, Chapter 16.
   It was a shimmering midnight, and everything was peaceful. A large, multicolored tent stood in the sky. From inside, ivory lights moved around, and the steady beat of drums rolled through the silence. Suddenly, it was no longer just drums, an organ played a circus march, and trumpets joined the eerie orchestra. Violins began to start a blood chilling sonata with the music, making each twist and turn of the piece swirl with an unknown energy. Suddenly, a voice of a young lady boomed throughout the sky.
   "Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, come closer, closer! Step right up! You will not believe your eyes behind this curtain, for this is the greatest show on Earth!" The music seemed to blast louder, almost as though trying to attract people. A loud crash of cymbals drummed through the skies, and a platform shot down to the nearby ground. People of all ages flooded into the tent, almost clueless to the strange
:icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 1 2
Dark Crystal Sailor Soldier by Daisystar12 Dark Crystal Sailor Soldier :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 0 5 CanadaxIreland Couple Pic by Daisystar12 CanadaxIreland Couple Pic :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 3 106 Saturn Death Eclipse Power by Daisystar12 Saturn Death Eclipse Power :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 1 0 Pluto Dark Ice Storm Power by Daisystar12 Pluto Dark Ice Storm Power :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 0 0 Neptune Eternal Hurricane by Daisystar12 Neptune Eternal Hurricane :icondaisystar12:Daisystar12 0 0


Sketch: EnglandxIndia - Flags by Alexiel-VIII Sketch: EnglandxIndia - Flags :iconalexiel-viii:Alexiel-VIII 302 111 Kitty Poland by Alexiel-VIII Kitty Poland :iconalexiel-viii:Alexiel-VIII 76 35 APH - England is Peter Pan by Alexiel-VIII APH - England is Peter Pan :iconalexiel-viii:Alexiel-VIII 2,061 800 CHASE BY SPARTA by Static01 CHASE BY SPARTA :iconstatic01:Static01 717 172 Q and A 2 by AskMochiKorea Q and A 2 :iconaskmochikorea:AskMochiKorea 3 0 Q and A: 46 by AskArthur Q and A: 46 :iconaskarthur:AskArthur 614 113 APH- Whogle- by vtophya APH- Whogle- :iconvtophya:vtophya 1,522 184 Watch it Burn by Hubedihubbe Watch it Burn :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 2,373 132 Give me 50 by Hubedihubbe Give me 50 :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 5,880 803 Y U NO Russia by scraprobertson Y U NO Russia :iconscraprobertson:scraprobertson 48 15 My ID, da-ze by AskMochiKorea My ID, da-ze :iconaskmochikorea:AskMochiKorea 3 7 Ivan by ParisOwnsYou Ivan :iconparisownsyou:ParisOwnsYou 3 13 Bad Friends Trio EVERYBODY BB by LauzLanille Bad Friends Trio EVERYBODY BB :iconlauzlanille:LauzLanille 1,075 193 Hetalia Poster: sparkle party by wolfofvalor16 Hetalia Poster: sparkle party :iconwolfofvalor16:wolfofvalor16 275 45 APH Request: Mind Your Borders by khakipants12 APH Request: Mind Your Borders :iconkhakipants12:khakipants12 1,476 221 Canako Kitty by AskFemCanadaplz Canako Kitty :iconaskfemcanadaplz:AskFemCanadaplz 55 9


((Anyway, to all who care, I moved to :iconpanty-stocking-lover: So yeah...
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  • Watching: The road
  • Eating: Irish Oatmeal
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One message before you read: :iconkelefishchild:=:iconmahboiplz: . . . :iconhugglesplz:

Awesome People you should watch!

My D.A. sis: :iconsumooli: She is really randomly funny and super nice. CHECK OUT HER GALLERY!!!!!!

My D.A. sis: :iconhorsespirit80209: She is AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!!! She's my best friend and a fellow CHICAGOAN!!!!!! She's random, crazy, and loves to make people laugh. CHECK OUT HER GALLERY!!!!!

Now, onward to my relations list!

:iconchibinitalia:~My friend little Italy! He's very sweet, and he really likes my cooking!

:iconamerica-plz: :iconalfredfjonesaph:~My half-brother! He's extremely sweet and funny, and I secretly envy him. I'm still his favorite half sister!

:iconcanada-hetalia:~My other half-brother! He's very kind and sweet, and I can relate to him via the whole "I'm not very well noticed" problem....

:iconenglandplz:and:iconkimiconey-igirisu: :iconenglandingurandoaph:~My papa, ENGLAND!!!! He's the bravest, most intellectual country I know! He really likes my cooking, and I do all the cooking at his house!

:iconrussiapipedreamsaph:~THE AWESOME MEMBER OF TEAM EVIL WITH ME! GO AWESOME ATTACKS! Hehe, nice guy. We've been friends for years, not to mention the best weapons team EVER! You bother him, and I will royally kick YO ASS! XD

:iconchibiromano-tomato:~Italy's brother who also loves pasta, pizza, and tomatoes! He looks similar to Italy, but his personality is the polar opposite...

:iconjapan-hetalia: and :iconmagickoifishofdoom:~He's good friends with my papa, England. He's rather quiet, and seems a little shy, but once you get to know him, he's a very considerate person!

:icondoitsuplz:~Italy's friend. He's not to fond of papa or Uncle America, but oh well! He's very kind, and he treats my friend Italy well. Hopefully, I can become good friends with him!

:iconitalia-pasta-ve: Big Italy. He's very afraid of papa, but he doesn't consider me an enemy. He's very funny and likes pasta, A LOT OF PASTA.....

:iconlili-of-the-alps: My good friend Liechtenstein. She's very quiet and shy, but when she is around friends, she opens up to them. I like making her cute home-made outfits I make myself, and I hope we become the best of friends!

:icontotally-fabulous: He's Poland. I've heard from papa that he's not that smart, and really doesn't care about war. I hope we can become good friends....

:iconandhisawesomeaxe: Denmark. Finland told me that he and his friend Sweden lived there until a very recent agruement. Hopefully, I can become a friend of his.

:iconchina-panda:and :iconpanda-master-yao-aru: :iconwonghwei: Japan's older brother, China. He loves pandas, and likes to make all kinds of sweet treats and beautiful clothing. I hope to become good friends with him.!

:iconlittle-latvia: One of the Baltic Countries. He's a bit shy, but he's a nice kid. *smile* He really liked my music!

:iconsovietukraine: A quiet girl who is Russia's older sister. She is hardworking, and devoted to help anyone in need, and I hope I can be her friend in the near future!

:iconcheerful-sealand: A very small country by the sea. Sealand technically isn't a country, but I treat him as one out of respect. He likes to bother the hell out of papa, but I hope we can become better friends!

:iconfrance-beau: My stepfather. we don't always get along well, but eventually we just give up on our arguements because neither of us will win. I hope I can be "friends" with him. (Although I highly doubt it)

:iconkelefishchild: My younger friend, Quebec. He is a quiet little boy who is always called a girl and is made fun of for looking like one. He has the same problem as Canada when it comes to not being noticed.....

:iconholy-roman-fairytale: Little Holy Roman Empire. He's a sweet little boy who really likes Chibi Italia. I hope he and I can become friends!

:iconaphchicago: My nephew. He's kindhearted, but has a huge temper. He's kinda annoying when he's acting out on people, but he can be so sweet when he's not!

:iconoxfordaph: A quiet boy who likes to read. He's my half brother, and he's very sweet and kind. He's an intelctual boy, and I hope I can become good friends with him.

:iconthevirginislandsaph: My good friend. She's technically my half sister, and we've been friends ever since we were little kids.

:iconflorenceaph: Italy's son. HE KICKED MY ASS AT CARDS! He's a sweet kid, and I hope to become better friends with him!

:iconlight-honda: Japan's sweet son. He's very intelectual and kind, and I hope to become better friends with him!

:iconprovincemanitoba:-She's such a sweet girl, she's almost like a sister to me!

:iconforgotentransilvania:-Such a kind young lady. She's a new friend of mine~

:iconpanama-thats-me: My awesomesauce best friend! We've been friends for a long time, so yeah, you hurt her, and I royally round-house you and everyone else! XD

:iconaph-estonia-von: Estonia, another one of the Baltic Countries. Nice guy, he really is. I hope we can be the best of friends.

:iconnataliaarlovskaja: Lovely young girl, who's Russia's younger sister. I promised to help her become one with Russia. ^^

:iconantonio-spaniard: Spain, actually a pretty nice guy. He's pretty cool, and plus, he wants to join team evil with me and Russia, so yeah. I shall train him in the way of AWESOME!

:iconaph-ludwiggermany: Mr. Germany. He's a very nice man, and he's pretty cool. Even though he's not great at talking, he can certainly carry on a good friendship. I certainly hope we can be better friends.

:iconlovianovargas: Romano Chan! DUUUUUDE, he is awesome! I showed him the awesome powers of the round house kick! He should join Team Evil.......XD

:iconcarnavalesamba: Brazil. He's such a sweet guy, and he's good friends with Panama. Seriously, he's awesome, go talk to him. I hope he and I can be better friends.

:iconpresentsfromhelsinki: Ah, my good friend. He's such a sweet kid, and he is Finland's little brother and capital! I hope to become better friends with him~

:iconmax-thedreamhaunter: Max....... Freaking dream/life stalker person.......he's still nice though........ Why do you find it so fun to mess with me?

Awesome sister of FIRE DEATH TEAAAAM! :iconchococat31: Nuff said.

:iconi-spy-london: My awesome little sis~ You mess with her, I swear to God, you will be dead by the end of this day.

:iconsmexy-awesome-alvino: Prussia! *huggles* He's pretty awesome, as he always says. Dude, my beer is better than yours, so deal with it! Anyway, I will continue to poke you until you die. Just kidding, but still, I like bothering you! XD

:iconi-teach-you-ha: Ah yes, my adopted son. He's such a sweet, intellectual bopy who always cheers me up. I'm happy I took him in.

Current Status- Y-yes......I'm taken.......

~Just ask if you want to be on my list, k?~


If you ever have a dark RP with me, if you're in Ireland's mind/fighting her, this is what the background music would sound like.…

Current Residence: Austria's House
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Violin Techno Mix, Nightcore
Favourite style of art: Anime
Wallpaper of choice: Me and my Hetalia Friends and Family
Skin of choice: Me and my Hetalia Friends
Favourite cartoon character: America, England, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, RUSSIA, China, Japan... Everyone else.
Personal Quote: My papa's cooking sucks, so give mine a try!




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